Training at All Nations

Equip for Service: Runs periodically through the year equipping members for works of service to enable them to serve in various ministries of the church. Examples this last year: Team Leaders Training, Leading Services & Music, Reading & Praying Publicly. Our elder responsible for training and leadership development runs these.

All Nations Preaching Group: Launched in September 2023 and runs bi-monthly. The aim is to develop preachers to be able to communicate God’s Word clearly, faithfully and compellingly to our church, culture and world today.

Cross-Cultural Ministry Trainee Programme: Launched in September 2023 with our first 2 trainees. The aim of this is a church based, hands on ministry traineeship whilst doing theological training part-time and benefiting from the Co-Mission Ministry Training Workshop. The distinctiveness of this programme is its emphasis on cross-cultural mission, pioneer church planting and world mission. We raise 2/3rds of funding through substantive grants and expect trainees to raise the final 1/3rd. Trainees spend an afternoon a fortnight with the pastor receiving specific cross-cultural ministry and leadership training. For more information on this, please e-mail

College Placements: We offer theological college students church placements whilst they are at college. We have a partnership with Oak Hill College, Our first student started in September 2021. Our emphasis is on cross-cultural mission, pioneer church planting and world mission.