Giving to All Nations

Why do we give? The Biblical Importance of Giving:

An excellent Bible passage on the grace of giving is 2 Corinthians 8 & 9. It is worth prayerfully studying these chapters when you are considering your giving. Here are 10 key principles drawn out from 2 Corinthians 8 & 9:

1. We should give sacrificially (8v1-2) accepting the personal cost to ourselves.
2. We should give generously (8v3-7) as much as we are able out of loving commitment to God and His people.
3. We should give gratefully (8v8-9) for Christ became poor that we might be rich in Him.
4. We should give realistically (8v10-12) according to what we have.
5. We should give equally (8v13-15) giving out of our abundance to help others.
6. We should give carefully (8v16-24) so that we are good stewards of God’s money.
7. We should give actually (9v1-5) ensuring that we act on our intentions and keep our commitments.
8. We should give cheerfully & freely (9v6-7) without compulsion or reluctance.
9. We should give confidently (9v8-11) knowing God will always supply our genuine needs.
10. We should give humbly (9v12-17) giving all praise, thanks and glory to God for the grace of giving.  

The All Nations leadership does not know how much people give. This we believe prevents anyone being treated differently according to the amounts we contribute. So when you have decided how much you would like to give, you can do so cheerfully and freely with great thanks to God rather than under pressure and perhaps feeling resentful. How much we give will inevitable vary. In the Old Testament, God required people to give 10% of their income. The New Testament does not impose any law upon us in this area and its the same for us. There is not set rule about how much we give. Many of us take 10% of our net income as a guide amount but some will give less and some will give more. The amount of our regular giving is a matter of conscience and according to the principles outlined above.

Our Need

Our Church Partners

During the embryonic stages of the church plant, we were blessed by financial contributions from our supporting churches, the FIEC mission fund, Co-Mission, our sending church, as well as a number of individuals, families and patrons. However, these external contributions are limited and we do not want to rely on external funds indefinitely and would like to become self-sustaining ourselves in the next 3 years as All Nations Church seeks to get established. Our vision and prayer is that we would not only finance ourselves but that we would become a church that would contribute to supporting Gospel work in this city, country and overseas. Members of All Nations are the ones who will enable us to begin to meet this financial need and become self sustaining.  

How Can You Give?

PRAY - Ask God for a generous heart and wisdom on how best to support this initiative with the money He has entrusted you with.

THINK - Carefully review your own finances and consider how to put into practice the Biblical principles outlined above.

ACT - Decide on an amount to give and make your gift. We encourage everybody to get involved at whatever level they can because generous and sacrificial giving is part of our worship and service to the Lord Jesus.

Here are three ways you can give:
Regular monthly standing order. The most helpful way to support All Nations Church is to set up a monthly standing order with your bank. Your bank will then automatically process your gifts each month in accordance with your instructions. It saves your time, means you don’t forget when life is too busy, and helps the church with its financial planning. Please use the following bank details to send gifts and to set up standing orders: 

All Nations Church Barkingside & Clayhall
Sort Code: 20-89-56
Account Number: 10743410
Bank: Barclays Bank UK Plc

Please e-mail to let ANCBC’s treasurer know about your donation and please e-mail a scanned and completed gift aid declaration if relevant. This will enable All Nations to increase the value of your gift by reclaiming the basic rate tax on your gifts from HMRC. You can download our gift aid form here.

Cheque or charity voucher (e.g. Stewardship or CAF voucher) payable to All Nations Church Barkingside & Clayhall. You can give online here: .

Direct bank payment: You can use your online or telephone banking to make a payment - please use details above.